A lot of people decide to start a blog for one reason or another, so I decided to start one to share my love of Christ, my love of baking, and my love for sustainability in our home and on our 6 acre plot of land.  My husband and I, along with our 2.5 year old son live in the country.  We have different breeds of hens who provide us with farm fresh eggs each and every day.  They are very happy chickens in a large run and coop my husband built.  I won’t dive too much into chickens right now but to have farm fresh eggs, and I’m talking fresh, like just laid this morning eggs, the taste beats any egg sold in the store.

I’m terribly grateful to God for how he has shaped my life lately.  I feel at this point in my life more ups and downs, but in an ironic way, know God is there more than any other time in my life.  I went to college on fire for God, talking to people about Christ, volunteering with a local Christian group and attending church each Sunday.  My life isn’t far from that view, but I had no idea what it meant to live for Christ and to give my time and energy towards someone else.  I got married but the selfless acts didn’t start until we had our first son 2 years ago.  I knew then what it meant to serve.  I serve my family each and every day by being an example of Christ in their lives.  By loving them selflessly.  And by sacrificing time, sleep, my own passions, etc…but don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT perfect!  I mess up so much.  Raising a child and maintaining a healthy strong marriage are the 2 hardest things I’ve done.  But the strength I get from Christ is beyond compare.

I am daily refined by Christ.


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